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Hi there! I am Erica May Naranjo and I am also known as ericaorange. So where did ericaorange came from? Erica - that's me! And then I got orange from my surname - naranjo = naranja = orange. That's Spanish, cool huh? I just learned that when I entered college. *hihi* I am twenTEEN years old. LOL!! I am from the flag capital of the Philippines - Imus, Cavite! I am a 2nd year entrepreneurship student in De La Salle University - Manila. And I am also the incoming Assistant Vice President for Practicum of the Young Entrepreneurs' Society - DLSU. *hooray!*

I am the eldest of two girls. And I am a teen mommy. I am blessed to have a beautiful and smart 3 year old daughter. I can't believe that she'll be going to school already! She grows up so fast!

I am interested in photography, trying to make the most out of my Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS - which I still owe my mom. *LOL* I am also interested in webdesign. I sure would love to learn webdesign and development someday. But now I have to make do with basic photoshop and basic code tweaking and automated web designer. I am left handed. I have a passion for cooking and baking. And I plan to enroll myself one day in a culinary school when I have enough finances already. I love shopping. I am very patient when it comes to looking for good finds and haggling. And so I sort of became my mom's shopper, she'll ask me to buy this and that at Divisoria. I haven't tried ukay-ukay adventures yet, but I sure will! I'll let you know! I used to have an online shop on Multiply. But I decided to close because I could no longer manage it. I want to love sports. I tried volleyball, table tennis, and badminton. But sports won't love me back so I gave up. If you want to know more about me, you may want to visit my main blog. And you could also follow me on twitter and on plurk. ;)

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EricaOrange.blogspot.com is my personal space her in the blogosphere. Unlike my food and travel blog, here I share random thoughts - anything and everything under the sun that I feel blogging. This is a journal. This is an outlet of emotions. This is a medium for sharing things that make me happy or sad, laugh or cry. And sometimes an expression of craziness! *haha*


You may send me an e-mail at erica.may.naranjo@gmail.com or add me on yahoo messenger, rush_erica04 .