Monday, April 26, 2010

Uninspired, No more creative juice flowing

Rawr. I want a new layout for this blog. But for some reason, I couldn't make the orange layout. I feel so uninspired. It's usually easy for me to conceptualize layouts and make them. But this time it's different. It's taking me weeks to come up with the orange layout that's perfect for this blog. I want it now, but I can't. What's with orange? Is it Villar? LOL!! Kidding! Huhuhu. I hope before this week ends I could get my new orange layout. Sigh.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mataas ang Pangarap

LOL!! Natatawa ako sa sarili ko hahaha. Ang taas ng pangarap ko para dun sa main blog ko. Nangangarap kagad ako na magkaron ng PR, kahit PR 1 man lang. Wala namang masama dun di ba? Ang pangit kasi ng PR 0, baka kasi isipin ng iba na banned ng Google yung website ko. Kaya maya't-maya ang check ko dun sa PR ng blog ko gamit ang iba-ibang PR checker. Tapos kanina may PR checker ako na nagamit, pati yung age ng domain ko chineck. Natawa ako. 27 days pa nga lang pala yung domain ko! hahaha, 2 months na yung blog ko. Pero kasi yung 1st month nun nasa Natauhan ako bigla hahaha. 27 days pa nga lang pala ako, naghahanap na ako ng PR hahaha.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sending my Yelly to school...

Yesterday, Yel and I went to her school for enrollment. And it was only yesterday that I realized and it finally came to my senses how hard it is for a parent to send his or her kid/s to school. I wonder how my hubby feels, since he is the one working for Yelly's tuition. I wonder how my mom feels...

I was with my sister last Monday. We went to UST for her reservation and of course I learned how much her tuition is for her first semester. It was only last Monday night when I saw my mom's face looked the way it was. She was looking at my sister's schedule of fees. Next school year is going to be a tough one and we could feel it as early as now. No more unnecessary expenses. Next school year, there will be two college students for the first time. Next school year, there will be three students for the first time. Two college students would be joined by a pre-school student. College education is expensive, and so is pre-school education especially for nursery.

I couldn't help myself. I just suddenly burst into tears when we were about to eat our dinner that night. I felt pressured. Tuesday would be my first day of finals - cost accounting, first in line. I felt the need to do good with my exams. I just have to! I'm not in just some university - my mom spends a lot for my La Sallian Education. And I couldn't help but feel guilty of my 6 units of failure. That's already 12 thousand pesos. 12 thousand pesos was lost because of algebra and philosophy. And why am I blaming the subjects for the loss? Shouldn't I be blaming myself instead? Now, I felt how irresponsible I was. I couldn't afford another failure anymore.

I have no one to blame but myself. Surely, I could say that I didn't learn good studying habits from my past school. I get to be first honor always with minimal effort. And with no effort at all, I still manage to belong to the top 5 of our batch. But it's my fault that I was contented with what I was having. It' my fault that I let myself be happy go lucky. It's my fault that I settled with such attitude, and now I am paying the price. I'm no excellent student inside the university.

Adding to the guilt is my Yelly's tuition fee. I told hubby that I don't want my mom to feel any expense related to Yel's schooling. Yel isn't my mom's responsibility. But what can we do? Our savings wasn't enough. We had to borrow money from my mom to pay for Yelly's tuition for the mean time. We borrowed so much already, but still it was just enough for Yelly's tuition. We haven't bought her uniform yet, her school shoes, her books, her materials and other stuff she needs for school.

I don't want to ask more from mom because in 2 weeks it'll be my sister's enrollment. And then next month, it'll be my enrollment. I hope hubby's salary just before the school year starts would be enough to cover the things we still need to get for Yelly. And when school starts, we need to pay for our fare everyday and Yel needs baon. How is hubby's salary going to be enough to cover all of those when our priority is to pay back Yelly's tuition fee? I am going crazy! I just want the best for her.

My calling cards for iBlog6 are ready!

*hohohoho* I told you so! I am the best crammer in the world! Yesterday I still have no calling card for tomorrow's blogging event, not even a decent layout. And today, just before sunset, I had them in my hands already!!! *clapclapclap* Of course I am not going to iBlog6 unarmed. ;)

When I woke this morning, I opened my laptop immediately to finish the calling card layout that I started 2 weeks ago. But it was hopeless, I'm not in the mood to play with photoshop and my creative juices aren't flowing. So I opted to use calling card templates instead. Thank goodness I found and I got myself an orange template that I could use! Hoorah! And after editing it a bit, there I have it, my very own calling card in softcopy!

I know a lot of stalls in Divi Mall print calling cards, but I know that it's really crazy to go all the way to Divisoria from Cavite just to have a box of calling cards printed. So after lunch, I searched for a shop in our town that could print my calling cards. Sadly, I found none. :( Well not really, I actually found two. The first shop that I found that prints calling cards couldn't produce my cards today because the one incharge in making them is in Mindanao! While the second shop is too costly. So therefore I have no choice but to go and rush to Divisoria because I don't know where else I could have it done!!

At quarter to 3, I was already in a bus bound to Manila. At 4, I was already in Manila. At quarter to 5, my calling cards are already ready to be printed out. And at 5:15, my calling cards were already right in front of me!! Yehey!!!! And by 7pm, I was already home. :) *hihi*

I do hope that I would have a great day tomorrow and meet lots of new friends. :) See yah at iBlog6!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The term has finally come to an end!

At last! And so I thought that the term would never come to an end. LOL, kidding! Well, I know for a fact that the 3rd term is the longest term of all; the one that you'd have to endure forever! *insert prof's evil laugh here* After all those hardships, finally, the summer vacation is here! hooray! And so is it summer vacation already? Of course!! But I'm afraid that I couldn't relax yet. My mind is still stressed out thinking about my grades, which I am still one week away from knowing. So therefore my mind would still be stressed out for a week because of my hanging grades. Oh how I really wish that I would have no failures. Oh puhlease!!!

And while my mind is stressed out over my precious grades, I shall be attending iBlog6: the 6th Philippine Blogging Summit on Saturday, April 17, 2010 on UP Diliman! So at last, I could finally see how UP looks like. *grins* This would be my first blogging event, so I am really excited! Which reminds me that I should come up with my calling cards ASAP if I don't want to miss a lot of networking opportunities. ;) I am looking forward to meeting lots of bloggers and as well as making new friends from the blogosphere. This would be the event that would mark the start of my summer vacation, so this experience better be good. ;) Now, how do I make that calling card? hmmmm....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Orange was sick :(

Yeah. I got sick just this past weekend. I had flu. *boohoo* I got sick the weekend just before my final examinations!!! just grrrrrreat! So in other words, I really had a very unproductive weekend. I wasn't able to review for my finals. I know, I know. I am the best crammer in the world! But you know, you couldn't cram reading 9 chapters of an economics book, right? And you you couldn't cram worksheets for cost accounting, right? But I sure could cram memorizing those formulas for business math later! So yeah, busmath later. My final final examination for this term!! Hooray!!! And so after that, I have to catch up with my blog posts, there's so much in queue already. I really apologize for that. I'm like half a month delayed already. o.O *boohoo* Oh well, I just have to write and post this before studying so that I could clear up my mind a little. See yah tomorrow on my next post at :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

The School Year has officially ended...for them and not for me!

*Sigh* 2 more weeks of school for me. My sister just graduated from Highschool last March 28. Highschool has officially ended for her. And just this morning, she had her report card already! As for me, I still have 2 more weeks to go. This week is officially the hell week. That point in time when students cram for their class requirements just before finals week. *Sigh*

And to top it off, I could really feel that the school year has officially ended for most schools and universities. Buses bound to Manila from Cavite normally reaches Lawton. But now, they don't anymore; turn at Vito Cruz! Which is beneficial to me because it so near DLSU already. And the buses are not crowded anymore. On the other hand, I am fully aware that there are no more students at Taft, except for us! And oh, before I forgot to mention...there are no more student rates anymore!! - from 22 to 28 pesos *huhuhu*

Hooray! AVP Practicum next school year!

Hooray! What a way to start the week :) Weeee! After a year of being a young officer and patiently manning our booth every term, I'm finally an official officer of our organization :) AVP Practicum next year! Woohooo! Congrats to the other incoming officers of Young Entrepreneurs' Society - DLSU for SY 10-11! Let's work together for the success of our organization :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

History and Kasaysayan.

the post that got me my Google Adsense account

each and everyone of has our own history or kasaysayan (filipino translation).
before, these two words are just plain words to me. but now, they make me smile.

let me start with my KASPIL1 class during the 2nd term of last academic year.
Mr. Chua, my professor, introduced this subject by defining the word
from the word
kasaysayan we could derive two words, saysay and salaysay.
saysay means value, worth and importance and salaysay means story.
kasaysayan is a story that has value, worth and importance.

during the third term, i took up HUMAART (humanities and the arts).
and at some point of discussion, our professor, Mr. Espiritu, taught us that by splitting words we could actually know their meanings.
for example, the word understand could be split as under / stand, to understand means that one should "stand under" the tree of knowledge.
another is the word impress which could be split as im / press, to impress is to "press in" a person to leave a mark.
as for
history, it could be split as his / story, a history is a story of our own, a personal story.

kasaysayan and history gives us a personal story that has value, worth and importance.

we all have our past --- our own history, our own kasaysayan. we all have a
personalstory that has value, worth and importance, whatever that past may be.

there are a lot of people that i know who are trying to run away from their past, a past that continues to haunt them, or simply a bad experience that continues to interfere with their present lives. i believe that everything has a reason. the experiences that we encounter as we face life molds us, whether it may be good or bad. the obstacles that we overcome helps us to become a better and stronger person. Even though we get tripped sometimes, there will always be a lesson that is waiting to be learned.
Mia, a close friend of mine, told me that if we get tripped we must learn the lesson that it wants to teach us, If we don't learn the lesson from it, it will continue to repeat, creating a pattern in our lives and we will not be be able to be freed from it and move on, so we must learn.

Joseph the dreamer was sold by his brothers but he ended up saving nations from the famine. God can use use our lives too to serve as a blessing to other people's lives even in the simplest way and simple things can help make big things happen. it is all in the attitude on how we would be facing life.

so again, we all have our past --- our own history, our own kasaysayan. we all have a
personal story that has value, worth and importance, whatever that past may be.

How I got my Google Adsense Account :)

It was in May 2009 when I created my first blog on Blogger. I just waned to have an online journal where I could share my thoughts and learnings from everyday life. I wasn't really aware at that time that people could actually earn from blogs by displaying ads from companies like Google.

When I was setting up my blog for the first time, I noticed the last tab - monetize. I was curious, so I clicked it. What I only understood is that Google would be placing ads on my blog and I could earn from that. And so I signed up.

I published my first entry. And then I got busy cause of school - you see, I'm a frosh at that time. And that's the end of that blog I made.

I thought Google didn't approved my account because no ads showed up at my blog. And maybe the reason is that my blog didn't have enough content - I only have one post. Oh well, that's ok. It's not a big deal after all (at that time).

March 2010, I became interested in blogging again. As I do my research about blogging, I learned its income potentials. Google Adsense sounds like a good opportunity. I knew that I had to wait for atleast 6 months before I sign up for Google Adsense so that the chances of getting an account is higher.

And then I found Marhgil's post entitled - A sure way to get a Google Adsense Account! It requires you to make an english blog on Blogger and make your first post of at least 200 words. Then you use that blog to apply for your Adsense account. And in 24-48 hours you'll get your account approval. Marghil said that he hasn't heard of anyone getting denied on Adsense using this approach.

And so I remembered what I did a year ago. That's exactly what I did! And so I thought, now you are going to hear about that someone who got denied using that approach!

I checked my blog, no ads. I logged in and checked the monetize tab.....and there it is - my approved Google Adsense account! Wahahahahahahaha! I didn't know I was suppose to install the ad codes for the ads to show up! LOL! Amazing! Now I don't have to wait for 6 months just to get that Google Adsense Account - cause I already have one!

my first cent from google adsense

March 29, 2010 - I bought my own domain and a web hosting plan for the first time
I wanted to create a personal travel blog and I intend to keep it running for years. I got my own domain to increase my motivation. On the side, I was also thinking of long term plans - like monetizing it. And I am aware that if want to monetize it, having my own domain is an advantage and is better in the long run.

March 30, 2010 - I was so excited! I immediately made my opening post and I finished my blog layout that day. I want it to be as pleasing to the eyes as possible. I have an eye for layout design. I want to learn web development and design someday.

March 31, 2010 - I began importing posts from my old travel blog, which was just 1 month old.

April 1, 2010 - I suddenly remembered that I applied for Google Adsense a year ago. And to my surprise, the account was approved.

April 2, 2020 - I started installing Google Ads on my blog. I know my blog doesn't have enough traffic yet. I only have 10 unique visitors. But I believe that there's nothing wrong in taking chances. An opportunity could be missed if I would still be waiting for 6 months before I use Google Adsense. I believe that $1.00 in 6 months is better than $0.00 in 6 months.

April 3, 2010 - I have earned my first cent from Google :) I know it's nothing compared to how much probloggers are earning. But I believe that it's a good start. Anyway, $0.01 is still better than $0.00 right? :)