Thursday, April 15, 2010

The term has finally come to an end!

At last! And so I thought that the term would never come to an end. LOL, kidding! Well, I know for a fact that the 3rd term is the longest term of all; the one that you'd have to endure forever! *insert prof's evil laugh here* After all those hardships, finally, the summer vacation is here! hooray! And so is it summer vacation already? Of course!! But I'm afraid that I couldn't relax yet. My mind is still stressed out thinking about my grades, which I am still one week away from knowing. So therefore my mind would still be stressed out for a week because of my hanging grades. Oh how I really wish that I would have no failures. Oh puhlease!!!

And while my mind is stressed out over my precious grades, I shall be attending iBlog6: the 6th Philippine Blogging Summit on Saturday, April 17, 2010 on UP Diliman! So at last, I could finally see how UP looks like. *grins* This would be my first blogging event, so I am really excited! Which reminds me that I should come up with my calling cards ASAP if I don't want to miss a lot of networking opportunities. ;) I am looking forward to meeting lots of bloggers and as well as making new friends from the blogosphere. This would be the event that would mark the start of my summer vacation, so this experience better be good. ;) Now, how do I make that calling card? hmmmm....

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