Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Orange was sick :(

Yeah. I got sick just this past weekend. I had flu. *boohoo* I got sick the weekend just before my final examinations!!! just grrrrrreat! So in other words, I really had a very unproductive weekend. I wasn't able to review for my finals. I know, I know. I am the best crammer in the world! But you know, you couldn't cram reading 9 chapters of an economics book, right? And you you couldn't cram worksheets for cost accounting, right? But I sure could cram memorizing those formulas for business math later! So yeah, busmath later. My final final examination for this term!! Hooray!!! And so after that, I have to catch up with my blog posts, there's so much in queue already. I really apologize for that. I'm like half a month delayed already. o.O *boohoo* Oh well, I just have to write and post this before studying so that I could clear up my mind a little. See yah tomorrow on my next post at :)

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