Sunday, April 4, 2010

How I got my Google Adsense Account :)

It was in May 2009 when I created my first blog on Blogger. I just waned to have an online journal where I could share my thoughts and learnings from everyday life. I wasn't really aware at that time that people could actually earn from blogs by displaying ads from companies like Google.

When I was setting up my blog for the first time, I noticed the last tab - monetize. I was curious, so I clicked it. What I only understood is that Google would be placing ads on my blog and I could earn from that. And so I signed up.

I published my first entry. And then I got busy cause of school - you see, I'm a frosh at that time. And that's the end of that blog I made.

I thought Google didn't approved my account because no ads showed up at my blog. And maybe the reason is that my blog didn't have enough content - I only have one post. Oh well, that's ok. It's not a big deal after all (at that time).

March 2010, I became interested in blogging again. As I do my research about blogging, I learned its income potentials. Google Adsense sounds like a good opportunity. I knew that I had to wait for atleast 6 months before I sign up for Google Adsense so that the chances of getting an account is higher.

And then I found Marhgil's post entitled - A sure way to get a Google Adsense Account! It requires you to make an english blog on Blogger and make your first post of at least 200 words. Then you use that blog to apply for your Adsense account. And in 24-48 hours you'll get your account approval. Marghil said that he hasn't heard of anyone getting denied on Adsense using this approach.

And so I remembered what I did a year ago. That's exactly what I did! And so I thought, now you are going to hear about that someone who got denied using that approach!

I checked my blog, no ads. I logged in and checked the monetize tab.....and there it is - my approved Google Adsense account! Wahahahahahahaha! I didn't know I was suppose to install the ad codes for the ads to show up! LOL! Amazing! Now I don't have to wait for 6 months just to get that Google Adsense Account - cause I already have one!

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