Friday, April 16, 2010

My calling cards for iBlog6 are ready!

*hohohoho* I told you so! I am the best crammer in the world! Yesterday I still have no calling card for tomorrow's blogging event, not even a decent layout. And today, just before sunset, I had them in my hands already!!! *clapclapclap* Of course I am not going to iBlog6 unarmed. ;)

When I woke this morning, I opened my laptop immediately to finish the calling card layout that I started 2 weeks ago. But it was hopeless, I'm not in the mood to play with photoshop and my creative juices aren't flowing. So I opted to use calling card templates instead. Thank goodness I found and I got myself an orange template that I could use! Hoorah! And after editing it a bit, there I have it, my very own calling card in softcopy!

I know a lot of stalls in Divi Mall print calling cards, but I know that it's really crazy to go all the way to Divisoria from Cavite just to have a box of calling cards printed. So after lunch, I searched for a shop in our town that could print my calling cards. Sadly, I found none. :( Well not really, I actually found two. The first shop that I found that prints calling cards couldn't produce my cards today because the one incharge in making them is in Mindanao! While the second shop is too costly. So therefore I have no choice but to go and rush to Divisoria because I don't know where else I could have it done!!

At quarter to 3, I was already in a bus bound to Manila. At 4, I was already in Manila. At quarter to 5, my calling cards are already ready to be printed out. And at 5:15, my calling cards were already right in front of me!! Yehey!!!! And by 7pm, I was already home. :) *hihi*

I do hope that I would have a great day tomorrow and meet lots of new friends. :) See yah at iBlog6!

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