Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I just got my gold trophy! Weee!

What an achivement! LOL!

Oh my gosh!! I feel so happy right now. I can't believe that I finally earned my gold trophy for Plants Vs. Zombies!! Wahahaha :D

pvz gold

Oh well, maybe you have earned yours long before. And maybe your longest streak for Survival: Endless is 100++ but that's okay. :P I'm not really addicted to the game. I just play Plants Vs. Zombies whenever there's something wrong with our DSL and there's no internet connection here at home, like now! Hahaha! And you're wondering how am I blogging? Notepad! LOL! I wanna write about my trophy while it's still hot! LOL!

pvz gold 2

Okay, so I admit I got addicted at first. Who didn't? Haha! I was really determined to finish Adventure for the first time. The Zombies ate my brains only at the 3rd to the last level, without cheating. Honest! And then after I got my silver trophy, I played very seldom. And it's only now that I get finish playing everything and finally earned my gold trophy!! Yipee! Finally, all of my hard thought strategies has finally paid off.

pvz 3

Now, that gives me an idea! What if I make a compilation of the strategies I personally thought of and used in the game and then share to other people? Hmmm, but who would be interested? I bet everyone's already done with this part of  the game, except for my sister! Haha! And now everyone's just competing with the longest streak at Survival: Endless. Hmmm. Oh well, let me know if you need some tips. I'll gladly share them with you. :)

pvz 4

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