Friday, May 21, 2010

Running for Free Concert Tickets of the Then & Now Massive Music Festival 2010

One of the most craziest and memorable times with hubby! I dragged him at the last minute to SM Mall of Asia to claim the free gold concert tickets for that night.

The Contest and The Free Tickets and gave away 8 sets of 4 silver tickets for 4 weeks and a pair of VIP tickets. All you have to do to get a set of 4 silver tickets is to join the Facebook pages of the two sites plus the page of Massive Music Manila. Then you have to post on either blog page, tag all three pages and three of your friends that you intend to bring to the concert, and tell them why they should give you the tickets. It's that easy!! And for the pair of VIP tickets, you have to create a video blog instead of just posting on the Facebook wall.

The Attempt To Win

I tried my luck on the last 2 sets of 4 silver tickets. I posted on FlairCandy's wall and waited for a week to see who won. Unfortunately, I didn't win. Haha! But that's ok. ;)

One More Chance

Saturday morning - on the day of the concert itself, I found this on my Facebook feed:

YES!!!! Got more tickets for the concert TONIGHT!!!! Leave a comment on When In Manila with tags to FlairCandy and Mellow947 and let me know why I should give them to you. Also Tag your friend who you would bring! Will announce more winners at around 4pm.

Try Try Again

Wow! They got more tickets. More tickets = more winners. Could I be one of them? I won't lose anything if I try again, will I? So yeah, I tried my luck and tried to come up with the best reason why they should give me a pair of free tickets. Upon posting my entry, I saw another entry which I thought was so creative. He used the title of the songs of the artists performing that night in his entry. Thinking that they are only giving away just one more pair, I told myself that I was not really meant to get those tickets and just forget about it.

On With A Normal Day

I was no longer hoping that I would win. At around 2pm I went to church to attend our cell group meeting. We finished at around 4pm. After that I had to go to the Public Market to get Yelly's uniform. Then I learned that her blouse wasn't finished yet because the pockets weren't attached yet. The seamstress was waiting for me to give her the school patch, which I told her before that we would be the ones to attach it instead. So I had to wait for 30 minutes so that she could finish the pockets. At this point of time, I wanted to check my Facebook account. Yes, a part of me was still hoping to win. I got home at around quarter to 6. Opened my laptop, checked my Facebook account, checked the messages.


DJ Vince was in my inbox!!! I won 2 gold tickets for the concert!!! Hooray!!!

The Twist

But wait, I had to be in SM Mall of Asia by 7pm SHARP to claim the tickets. This is because DJ Vince and Hannah would be doing interviews with the artists. Oh no! MOA?? by 7pm? What time is it??! I have no money! I haven't told mom yet! This is so unplanned! What was I to do?? And yeah, DJ Vince said that they would not wait for anyone. Waaaaaaaa!

Begging Mom

Of course, the first step is to obtain mom's permission. I was like,
Ma, sorry. This is so sudden! Pero kasi, I won free gold tickets for a concert tonight! Can I please go? Please? Super sayang 'tong opportunity na to. Minsan lang naman to eh. Sayang yung tickets, gold din yun!
Thank goodness she let me watch the concert! *hihi* And then I went,

Ma, pwede humingi ng pera? Wala akong pera eh.
Seriously! My wallet was empty. No school = no allowance. No sideline. Buti nalang ang bait ni mama nun.

Dragging Hubby

I called hubby's home but he was not there, so I just texted him instead. I told him that I won the gold tickets. And we need to go to MOA ASAP. As in NOW NA!! Waaaaa because we have to claim the tickets by 7. Of course he was kinda pissed off because I made him hurry so much!


My cellphone's battery is getting low! I was not able to charge it anymore. My phone died even before I was able to meet hubby. Oh no! How am I supposed to text or call DJ Vince?

Running at the Highway

I live far from the Highway. It's already 6:30 when hubby and I met. Waaaa! So I almost run across the highway without even thinking! Geez. I wanted to catch the first bus that we saw. Thank goodness we made it.

Awful Traffic in Cavite

People from the south sure knows how heavy the traffic could get here in Cavite. And unfortantely we were caught in heavy traffic as we were nearing Coastal Road. Argh!!

An Attempt to Contact DJ Vince

And there's no way I could text DJ Vince to let him know that we are on our way. My battery is dead. And his number was in my phone memory. So inserting my sim card in hubby's phone won't work. I texted mom using hubby's and asked her to open my Facebook account to get DJ Vince's number in my inbox. Errrrrr. Unfortunately, mom replied and told us that we had no internet connection at that time. Rawr!!

My Phone Opened For A While

My phone usually opens for a while after some time. I tried and it did! I was able to forward DJ Vince's business card to hubby and also text him to let him know that we are coming and we're near MOA already. I know he said that they won't wait for anyone. And I understand that they would be interviewing the artists. I'm just taking chances. Anyway, hubby told me not to expect anything so that I won't get disappointed. And that I should be open to the possibility that we might not be able to claim the tickets.

Missed the Cab

Arriving at Baclaran, we just missed the yellow cab. Argh! It's already full. So we had to ride the next one and wait till that one's full. Boohoo.


We arrived at 7:30. We were 30 minutes late. Argh!! We had to meet them at Krispy Kreme Store. So, Run!!!

They're Not Here

As we approached Krispy Kreme, I started to check everyone around - outside and inside the store. Hubby asked me if I knew who I was looking for and I told him that I already saw them at iBlog6 so I won't have a hard time recognizing them. They were not in the store. Sad.

There They Are!!!

As we were about to leave, I saw someone with a laptop in the store across Krispy Kreme. It's DJ Vince!! Woohooo!!

And that's the story of the two free gold tickets for the Then & Now Massive Music Festival 2010! :) Haha!

Then & Now Massive Music Festival 2010 (2)

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