Monday, June 7, 2010

What A Cute Sea Lion!

I am indeed blessed with such sweet and caring friends. I can be really shy at times but I tell you, I can really be noisy and crazy with these people around me. One them is Reena, she used to be my blockmate when we were still in the College of Education. She's one of my very first friends here in DLSU. We both shifted out and we rarely see each other. I saw her today! The student organizations are having their annual recruitment week and we happened to be both active in our own professional organizations. It just so happened that our organizations' booths are merely across each other. I really miss her! Surprisingly, she gave me a present today for birthday last April. So sweet!!

cute baby sea lion mug

cute baby sea lion mug

cute baby sea lion mug

CUUUUTE! She gave me this really unique and cute baby sea lion mug. <3 Reena always goes for the cute stuff! :)

Thanks dude!!

I hope Yelly won't break it :|

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