Monday, November 29, 2010

If I was the one who won the 741,176,323.20 lotto jackpot...

If I was the one who won the 741,176,323.20 lotto jackpot...

1. I would pay Yelly's tution in full.
2. I will set aside money for Yelly's tuition till college considering all factors.
3. Send hubby back to school, no need for you to work now!
4. Buy hubby a good pair of eyeglasses
5. Buy hubby a nice, cool, durable backpack. Make that 2!
6. Pay debt.
7. Buy a nice condo unit in Makati. I can't wait to live in a place that is soooo conveniently located!!!
8. Buy a car.
9. Buy a family van.
10. Buy a pick-up.
We never had a car :)) I lived my entire life commuting to here and there.
11. Buy mom a nice 10 hectare farm in Tagaytay.
12. Build mom a nice vacation house in that farm.
13. Take mom to Silang and go plant shopping! :))
14. I'll take my bestfriends and my family to Bangkok and go shopping for lots of bags and clothes.
15. Go on a tour in Europe and spend months there!
16. Take mom and my sister to Japan.
17. Take hubby to Africa. Safari. Safari. Safari.
18. Take Yelly to every Disneyland on Earth.
19. Buy Yelly every kind of Barbie there is!
20. Buy DLSR
21. Take Professional Photography classes.
22. Take Baking classes
23. Build my own bakeshop empire.
24. Enroll Yelly in Ballet classes.
25. TOUR THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD with family and friends :) SOOOO FUN :3

Ok na ako. hahaha.

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